Gaur Gallery Exhibitions

The Gaur Collection gallery serves as an incubator for developing modern and contemporary Indian art exhibitions. The Gaur collection contains cohesive groups of works focusing on historical periods, artistic media, and cultural groups. Thematic exhibitions are curated first to be presented in the Gaur gallery attached to their residence. An exhibition themes is chosen and researched in consultation with appropriate scholars. The curatorial process which usually lasts one to two years also involves acquiring some additional works to strengthen the exhibition. During the exhibition at the Gaur Collection gallery, the exhibition is offered to institutions and additional scholarship is created. All exhibitions mounted at the Gaur gallery in last ten years have been also exhibited at US museums and have been accompanied with a fully illustrated scholarly catalog.

Past Exhibitions
Upcoming Exhibitions
  • Feminist Art by Indian Women Artists (2024)
  • Master Printmakers of India (2025)
  • Old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk – A photographer’s paradise (2025-2026)