Selected Educational Collaborations and Community Engagements
Rutgers University and Grinnell College (2018-2022)

The “Paper Trails” exhibition was curated during a Curatorial Studies seminar in Rutgers University’s Department of Art History in 2018. Professor Tamara Sears, a specialist in South Asian art and architecture, taught the graduate level course, with doctoral student participation from Emma Oslé, Swathi Gorle, Margo Weitzman, Sopio Gagoshidze, William Green, and David Cohen. 

During the Spring 2022 semester, Grinnell College Art History Professor Michael Mackenzie taught an introductory course in Indian art and assigned his students to do research about works included in "Paper Trails” exhibition at Grinnell. The text written by his students was used as wall text for the exhibition along with text prepared by Rutgers students. 

Rutgers University (2019)

Artists Manu and Madhvi Parekh visited the gallery to talk to students. They also did a book sighing event for Madhvi Parekh’s book which was then launched at DAG gallery in New York. All our guests received a signed copy of the book which also included a sketch on the front page of the book.

Rutgers University and Johns Hopkins University (2018)

Professors Rebecca Brown at John Hopkins University brought over her students from a class on modern Indian art to join the students in Professor Tamara Sears’s curatorial course to see the photography exhibition.

Princeton Friends of Opera (2018)

Princeton Friends of Opera hosted “Opera Meets Art” at gallery. The event included opera arias with music supervised by Sandra and Joseph Pucciatti of Boheme Opera Company, and a silent auction. New York based American-India soprano performed a few arias from Asian based operas.

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (2017)

Our friend Ferris Olin arranged for a group from PAFA to visit the gallery.

The College of New Jersey (2016)

In spring of 2016, Professor Deborah Hutton taught a courses on Indian photography at TCNJ. Every student in a class of fifteen was assigned a work in the “Photography” exhibition. The students researched the work and wrote a term paper on it. Finally, every student made a presentation in the gallery on their research in front of that photograph.

University of Pennsylvania (2016)

Professor Michael Meister brought over students from his class on modern Indian art.

Rutgers Preparatory School (2013)

Rutgers Preparatory School hosted an event for their trustees and art faculty during the “Indigenous Art” exhibition.

College Art Association (2013)

Rutgers University Zimmerli Art Museum hosted a visit for some attendees of CAA meeting in New York to see the “Body” exhibition