Krishna Reddy - Innovations In Printmaking (2023)
Krishna Reddy (1925-2018) is best known for the development of viscosity printing, which allowed the simultaneous printing of multiple colors in the intaglio technique. This exhibition brings together ALL 54 viscosity prints created by Krishna Reddy during his lifetime from 1952 to 1997. For many prints multiple stand-alone variations are presented. 74 prints are presented in chronological order. The exhibition also includes three plates from Reddy Estate shown juxtaposed with the corresponding print.
This exhibition will be re-curated and presented as a retrospective exhibition at the NY Print Center in 2025 to coincide with the centennial birth anniversary of Krishna Reddy. A colloquium with scholarly presentations is planned during the exhibition. In conjunction with the exhibition, a catalog Raisonne will be published by Mapin publishing in 2026.