Contemporary Artists Collection
Mithu Sen (b. 1971)

Mithu Sen is an Indian contemporary artist known for her diverse and provocative works that often explore themes of identity, gender, and sexuality. Born in West Bengal, India, Sen has gained recognition for her multidisciplinary approach, utilizing various mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation.

Mithu Sen's art is characterized by its bold and subversive nature, challenging societal norms and addressing issues related to female subjectivity. She often incorporates humor and satire into her works, offering a unique perspective on cultural and political issues.

Mithu Sen has exhibited her works internationally and has participated in various solo and group exhibitions. Her contributions to contemporary art have been recognized with awards and honors. Sen's art invites viewers to reconsider conventional norms and engages them in a dialogue about the complexities of human existence.

Mithu Sen - Incapable of being unnoticed

Mixed media and collage on paper, 84” x 42”