Contemporary Artists Collection
Nalini Malani (b. 1946)

Nalini Malani is an acclaimed Indian contemporary artist known for her diverse and innovative body of work. She stands as a transitional figure between modern art and contemporary art in India. Malani's work often explores complex themes such as feminism, identity, violence, and the impact of socio-political issues. She employs various mediums, including painting, video art, installation, and multimedia projects. Her art is characterized by its powerful narratives and the use of symbolism to convey deeper meanings. Her art frequently engages with mythology, literature, and historical events, offering a critical perspective on contemporary issues.

In recent years, Malani frequently makes use of reverse painting on transparent surfaces, where images are painted on the backside of a transparent material, creating a layered and immersive experience for the viewer. This was inspired by the genre of reverse glass painting, brought to India in the 18th century by the Chinese.

Malani has participated in 21 Biennales and is India's first contemporary artist to have a retrospective at Centre Georges Pompidou in a unique collaboration between the Centre Pompidou, Castello di Rivoli and Galerie Lelong in France and Italy. In 2017-2018 in Paris, then in Rivoli in 2018, this retrospective in two parts covered 50 years of Malani’s creativity.

Nalini Malani– What does it matter if you do not believe me the future will surely come just a little...

Reverse painting in acrylic, ink and enamel on acrylic sheet, 30”