Contemporary Artists Collection
Atul Dodiya (b. 1959)

Atul Dodiya (b. 1959) is a renowned contemporary Indian artist known for his diverse and innovative artistic practice. Born in Mumbai, Dodiya has been a prominent figure in the Indian art scene for several decades. His work encompasses various mediums, including painting, sculpture, installation, and photography.

Dodiya's art often reflects a blend of traditional and contemporary elements, engaging with sociopolitical issues, cultural identity, and personal narratives. He is known for his distinct style, which incorporates a mix of figurative and abstract elements, as well as the use of diverse materials.

One of Atul Dodiya's notable series is the "The Wet Sleeves of My Paper Robe (Sabari in her youth: after Nandalal Bose)”, mixed media works which were an outcome of a workshop held in Singapore. Inspired by a series that artist Nandalal Bose did on Sabari in the year 1941, Dodiya re-narrates Sabari’s tale. Drawn from the epic Ramayana, the protagonist is Sabari the tribal woman who offered berries to Lord Rama after tasting them. His Sabari is presented in the contemporary context where scattered bones and red-stained shirts describe the epic war as much as they comment on the violence in recent times. 

In addition to his artistic practice, Atul Dodiya has been involved in the promotion of contemporary art in India. He has played a key role in the development of the art community and has been a mentor to younger artists. His ability to combine traditional techniques with a contemporary sensibility has made him an influential and respected artist in both national and international art circles.

Atul Dodiya - Sabari with Birds

Lithograph and hand coloring with chine colle on handmade paper, 50”x 40”