Contemporary Artists Collection
Anju Dodiya (b. 1964)

Anju Dodiya is known for her evocative and introspective paintings. Her work often explores themes related to identity, personal narratives, and the human condition. Dodiya's artistic practice is characterized by a distinctive style that combines elements of figuration and abstraction. She frequently employs self-portraiture, using her own image to delve into broader themes of existence, emotion, and the complexity of the inner self. Her paintings often incorporate symbolic elements, dream-like imagery, and a rich palette to create emotionally charged and thought-provoking compositions.

“Maze of Slowness” is part of a suite of double-sided works by Dodiya, first displayed as the sitespecific installation, “Throne of Frost”, at the Durbar Hall of Lakshmi Vilas Palace in Baroda in 2007. Each of the works, comprising a watercolor and charcoal painting on paper and an embroidered mattress, was displayed within a free-standing rectangular enclosure with the painting facing inward and the mattress facing the viewer. Within the formation lay shards of broken mirrors that reflected both the paintings and the opulent décor of Durbar Hall.

Anju Dodiya – Maze of Slowness

Watercolor and charcoal on paper and embroidery on mattress 69 3/8” x 44” x 10”