Contemporary Artists Collection
Subodh Gupta (b. 1964)

Subodh Gupta is perhaps the most celebrated Indian contemporary artist known for his works that often incorporate everyday objects, especially kitchen utensils, into large-scale installations and sculptures. 

Gupta's art is characterized by its ability to merge traditional Indian motifs and materials with a contemporary, global context. His works often explore themes of identity, migration, and the transformation of Indian society. The use of stainless steel and everyday objects in his sculptures reflects his interest in the ordinary and the everyday.

Subodh Gupta's notable works include "This is not a fountain" (2008) in the collection of Buffalo AKG Art Museum, which features pots and pans which Subodh collected from families all over India, and their accumulated dents and scratches speak to the economic reality and daily lives of their former owners. Gathered in a pile, as if discarded by many people at once, they also reflect ongoing migration in the country from rural to more urban areas. Gupta himself migrated from a rural village to the enormous city of New Delhi, and in his work, he often uses tools, such as farming implements, to examine India’s transformation in the wake of its industrialization. 

Subodh Gupta - Untitled

Stainless Steel Utensils, 39 1⁄2” x 27 1⁄2” x 19 1⁄2"