Contemporary Artists Collection
Seher Shah (b. 1975)

Seher Shah is a contemporary artist known for her works that often explore themes related to architecture, geopolitics, and the intersection of human-made structures with the natural environment. Seher Shah received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1998.

Seher Shah’s practice is dedicated to drawing, printmaking and sculpture. She has explored ideas in architecture and perspective drawing traditions; contested relationships between history, objects and time; and the relationship between poetry and abstraction. Her work speaks to the poetics and fractures of how we view the landscape, through the historical and intimate.

Jihad Pop was the title of her first solo exhibition at Bose Pacia Gallery in New York. Twelve black and white prints and drawings explore the dimensions and incarnations of the geometry of the Cube with its multiple associations and connections within the Islamic cultural collective. In negotiating these various permutations of the cube Shah investigates the possible multiplicities of meaning through personal memory. The title of this body of work, Jihad Pop, speaks to the multifarious nature of nostalgic imagery. Few words are loaded with more contemporary significance than both jihad and pop. "Jihad," which represents the desire for spiritual self-perfection, is a term that undoubtedly causes much dissonance in the minds of those for whom the current pejoratively use of the word disrupts the personal relevance of self-perfection. Likewise, "Pop," can be seen as related to the obsession with popular culture, mass capitalism, or even a sharp sound or abrupt movement, especially in tandem with "Jihad."

Seher Shah - Jihad Pop

Twelve giclée prints on card, 16 7⁄8” x 21 7⁄8” each