Contemporary Artists Collection
Chitra Ganesh (b. 1975)

Chitra Ganesh is an Indian-American artist known for her multidisciplinary practice, including drawing, painting, installation, and video. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Ganesh's work often explores themes related to feminism, mythology, and cultural identity. She is recognized for her unique visual language that combines traditional and contemporary elements, creating narratives that challenge existing power structures and social norms.

Ganesh often draws inspiration from Hindu and Buddhist mythology, as well as popular culture, science fiction, and feminist theory. Her art is characterized by vibrant colors, intricate details, and a mix of figuration and abstraction. Through her diverse range of mediums, she addresses issues such as gender, sexuality, and the intersections of various cultural and social influences.

Chitra Ganesh's art has been exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions internationally. She has also been involved in collaborative projects and has contributed to the exploration of South Asian diasporic identity in contemporary art.

Chitra Ganesh - Her Heartbeat Spills

Diptych, acrylic, glitter, pipe cleaner, paper, glass, foam and pins on panel, 96” x 96”