The Print Collection
Anupam Sud (B. 1944)

Anupam Sud (B. 1944) studied printmaking at the Slade School of Fine Art, London in the 1970s. Anupam was the founding member of "Group 8", an association of artists dedicated to furthering awareness of printmaking in India.

Sud has developed an intense interest in exploring clothed and unclothed human figures through the medium of etching. Anupam found inspiration in both male and female sexuality and identities. Sud’s figures are often self-absorbed and brooding. However, through symbolism and metaphor Sud engages with socially relevant themes, and moody depictions of interrelations between the sexes are a favorite topic in her work.

Anupam SUD - Zodiac Series

Portfolio of twelve etching on paper, 6 ½” x 6 ½” each (1-6)